Top 10 Ideas For Diy Box Furniture

There are various ways to develop diy box furniture with numerous great ideas. You can make storage shelves, coffee tables and platform bed using veneered plywood. In this way, you can save up to $1000 and give a unique look to your home. To make a platform bed, you need to cut four plywood pieces to make each box under the bed. Make sure that you have all the tools to cut the pieces of plywood. The thin kerf blade would be used to cut the pieces of plywood. Cut them into equal pieces. Make sure that the corners of all the pieces shouldn’t be sharp. Afterwards, use nails and yellow glue to join the plywood cubes together. Fix Nails in the parts after spreading some yellow glue in the joints.

The combined use of nails and yellow glue is important to keep the pieces intact together. By using a pair of scissors, cut a slightly overlong veneer strips. Afterwards, you need to place it on the cube’s edge. Rub down the veneer edge joined with a woodblock once the heat has activated the glue. You’ll need to use an orbital finishing sander to sand the internal and external surface of every cube. Finally, paint all the appeared sides similar to the color of platform bed. You would definitely like the simple method of building a platform bed. You can build many other kinds of diy box furniture as per your affordability and choice. It is undoubtedly a cost-effective and best way to decorate your home with trendy outlook.