Ideas Choosing The Right DIY Patio Canopy

Having a shaded area outdoors can be very convenient in many different occasions. Holding events like birthday parties, weddings or anything at all with a crowd would be much more pleasant when you have a cozy shade to rest under. However, buying one can be rendered a waste if the canopy ends up only being used twice or thrice a year. Renting from event managing companies could be costly depending on the frequency of use and location. The only other alternative is to make your own. Building your own diy canopy is easier than it sounds, and saving up on the cost has been proven to be the efficient way of living.

Canopies rely on two prominent components; the frame that holds the shade in place as well as a waterproof canvas to block the rain and heat. Depending on the size you would want, building the frame is not that hard of a task. Like many other shaded construction, you would want to start from the top. There are many types to choose from; flat roofed, inverted cone or the simple slanting ceiling. You should make sure that the shape would be optimum in channeling the rain water.

The pillars of your diy canopy should have ledges that you can use to fasten your canvas to. This is to prevent the roof from sliding or being blown by wind. Most people think that a diy canopy would be shabby or frail, but that does not have to be the case. You can opt for a sturdier material if you wish, but the frame must be able to withstand the weight of the waterproof canvas.