TOP 10 Pallet Wall Decorations

Walls say a lot about one’s home. Pallet wall decorations are a simple way to make your walls look warm cheerful and classy at the same time. Pallets are easy to get your hands on and easy to be dealt with.

They can be put to many ideas. From paintings to wall hangings with just the perfect quote, from shelves to photo frames to display all your memories. They trick is to use the perfect place for these to be put on, some ideas include the place above your bed, perfect for photos, or in your living room, for paintings and artistic creations, kitchen and outdoors.

The perfect way to put them would be at places where your surrounding furniture compliments them in a homely way and they don’t look left out. Besides decorations these can be used for a number of useful purposes, like for holding stuff and carrying your books above your desk and tools in your garage.

If you want to be super happy, you can make them yourself, there are hundreds of DIY tutorials on net for this, and great ideas to be inspired from. You can start from finding the pallet of perfect length and shape put some paint and glue with it and you will be good to go. For putting them on wall you can use strings or wires or nails and screws, whichever suits your artistic creation and suits you too, all you need to do is get started!!